The Schneider 80-600 is one of the favoured charge controllers of the industry because of its upper voltage window of 550V allowing capacities of 2,560 W at 24V or 4,800 W at 48V with long single or dual strings.

This reduces the number of DC cables, reduces cable size and voltage drop issues, eliminates the need for string fuse protection, and reduces the number of DC breakers for easier wiring and faster installation.

Greenwood Solutions have utilised two 80-600’s in the install shown here for DC-coupling 10kW of solar with an additional 5kW via AC-coupling.

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Schneider Electric MPPT SCC 80-600

The Conext high voltage solar charger by Schneider Electric is designed for grounded or floating solar PV panels, features a wide operating window from 195 to 550V, and is suitable for 24 or 48V battery banks and maximum charge current of 80 amps.

An auxiliary output is provided for a remote ground fault detection. Able to operate in standalone mode with a battery bank and solar PV panels, fully integrated with the Conext inverter chargers and compatible with other manufacturers inverter chargers.

The MPPT SCC 80-600 by Schneider Electric is fully compliant with EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3 and listed on the CEC website as an approved Power Conversion Equipment (PCE), for off grid and grid-tie applications.

DC Battery Protection

Use with the Schneider Electric 100A, 250VDC, 2 pole, Acti9 or NSX100F range of DC circuit protection equipment for reliability and maximum protection.

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