Off-Grid Case Study: Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia by Apex Energy

Recently Apex Energy provided a comprehensive Off-Grid energy solution for an new energy efficient home on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. The Apex Energy team carefully assessed the daily energy demand of 40kWhs in winter and designed a solar and battery system to meet this requirement, with minimal generator backup. The 100% electric home, including hot water, heating, and cooling, posed a unique challenge that our experts were able to address effectively. Despite the absence of a nearby grid connection, our carefully designed Off-Grid installation ensured uninterrupted, reliable power for the residence.


The key components of the Off-Grid Energy system were sourced from Australian manufacturers, including the PowerPlus LiFePO4 Rack Mount Lithium Batteries, Selectronic SP Pro Inverter Charger, and AERL DC Coupled MPPT Solar Charge Controller. These high-quality products were chosen for their reliability and efficiency, ensuring that the off-grid system operates smoothly and effectively. This decision reflects our commitment to using top-tier components for our energy solutions.


What was the overall system size?

The system comprises a ground-mounted solar array with a capacity of 19.92kWp, two SCERT 6kW PV Inverters, 48kWh of lithium battery storage, and a 7.5kW Inverter/Charger. This configuration ensures a steady and dependable power supply for the home. The solar array, inverters, and battery storage work together to optimize energy production and storage, while the Inverter/Charger manages the flow of electricity within the system.


Were there any challenges faced?

The solar array layout was specifically designed to align with the block gradient and maximize solar production for direct daily consumption. Three different orientations, including north, northeast, and northwest, were strategically chosen to generate a more consistent daily solar curve, which closely matches the property’s timed energy demand. This approach ensures that the solar production is optimized to meet the property’s energy needs throughout the day.



How long did the planning / construction / installation / commissioning take?

The construction of the home’s solar power system was carefully staged to align with the progress of the overall construction. In September 2023, the solar arrays were installed, followed by the installation of the solar inverters and battery equipment. The entire system was commissioned and brought online in February 2024, ensuring a seamless integration with the home’s power needs.



How has the system been producing since commissioning?

The system is currently being monitored remotely through Select.Live, allowing Apex Energy to oversee its operations without any reported issues since commissioning. This ensures reliable performance of the system.



Apex Energy Off-Grid Installation

What were the Core system components?


Some of the core components used in this Off-Grid system in South Australia were:

  • 1x Selectronic SP PRO Series 2i SPMC482-AU 7.5kW 48Vdc – 004726
  • 1x Selectronic Select.Live – 005283
  • 2x FIMER Uno DM 6kW Single Phase SCERT PV Inverter – 005348
  • 1x AERL Coolmax 24V/48V 70A SRX MPPT Solar Charge Controller – SRX600/70-48
  • 12x PowerPlus Energy ECO 48VDC 4.0kWh LFP Battery – ECO4840P
  • 1x PowerPlus Energy 18x Battery Cabinet IP21 – PIR18C (Leaves room for expansion)
  • 48x Jinko Tiger NEO 415W N-Type Solar Panels
  • Ground mount in three orientations
  • 2x CBI Electric DC Solar Battery Isolator to suit the AERL MPPT & Selectronic SP Pro





Overview from Apex Energy Australia

Apex Energy Australia is a trusted and experienced supplier, designer and integrator of Solar, Battery Storage, Electric Vehicle Chargers and Microgrid Solutions. A 100% privately owned Australian renewable energy company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, Apex brings a wealth of technical knowledge and project management skills combined with ISO accreditations to tailor renewable energy projects for a range of diverse off-grid and grid-connected applications.

From humble beginnings in the early 2000’s, Apex Energy has developed into a leading renewable energy provider with over 60 in house employees. We take pride in enabling employees to take ownership of their work through an inclusive work culture backed by structured quality control systems. Our commitment to quality, safety and the environment are recognised with triple ISO certifications and accreditation with indigenous procurement organisation, Supply Nation.

We are confident that our Off-Grid system will provide the necessary energy for the home, including accommodating the future addition of an EV. Apex Energy is proud to have delivered a tailored, efficient solution that meets our customer’s needs and contributes to a sustainable and independent energy future for the residence.

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