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Conext Battery Monitor

The Conext Battery Monitor is the best way to monitor your battery bank, giving you the information to resolve issues quickly and maximise system performance. Mid-point sensing technology allows the unit to measure: Battery bank state of charge. Voltage, current & used amp-hours. Remaining capacity & remaining hours. Detects battery string imbalance. The Battery Monitor...


Introducing Conext XW+

Introducing the next generation Conext XW hybrid inverter. Featuring higher power ratings, the Conext XW+ has better battery management and the most advanced intelligent functionality enabling solar prioritization, load shifting, peak shaving, and assists small generators with heavy loads. Its superior BOS integration further simplifies installation and can be used for both DC- and AC-coupling...


Conext Insight

Conext Insight is the new web portal to give you and your customers detailed performance data from your Battery systems ComBox, online from any device. Customers and installers can always connect to their system, and through the intuitive dashboard, historical performance charts and events log both you and your customer can see what the system...

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