The new Conext Gateway firmware release Version 1.07 is now available

Summary of features

  • Support for Schneider Modbus BMS protocol
  • Support for AS.4777-2015 Australia/New Zealand Grid Code
  • Moved Grid Disconnect/Reconnect settings into grid codes UI section
  • System Event Reporting
  • System Health Status
  • System-Level Regional Grid Code selection
  • Maps IEEE2030 Enter Service Default DER controls to XW Pro
  • Allow firmware upgrade of Xanbus devices in bootloader mode.


Summary of fixes provided:

  • Improved cloud remote configuration interface
  • Fix missing MPPT device instance configuration
  • Fix WattNode power meter configuration registers
  • Reduced chart data loss due to unscheduled power loss


Known Limitations

  • The button hardware for custom operation is not user-configurable.
  • Analog and Digital I/O is not supported
  • ConextTM Gateway does not have a web server trusted root certificate.
  • PDF Generation does not work correctly in Internet Explorer


For more information about the firmware click here