Don’t be afraid to Ground Mount your solar. It’s much simpler than you think.

The idea of ground mounting solar can seem like too much trouble when there’s some roof space to use. But after finishing their first ground mount install our customers often tell us “It’s not that hard and we don’t see why we didn’t offer it sooner”.

There are some real benefits of choosing to ground mount your next installation. And we typically hold ample stock of framing kits so availability is not an issue.

Key Benefits of Ground Mount

  • No scaffolding cost
  • No harnesses or lifting equipment
  • No working at height risks
  • No roof penetrations and leaky rooves
  • Perfect orientation
  • Absolutely no shading issues
  • Higher production all year round
  • Install as much or as little as you want
  • Expandable
  • Quicker panel installation
  • Inverter can be located under the panels or back at house depending on cable run options
  • Easier to clean and inspect panels

Free Tools

To get you up and running, DPA Solar has developed some tools to help you understand how simple it can be:

  • Our Ground Mount Racking Calculator will help you configure a solution using the product family appropriate to your application – request your copy here and watch this video on how to use the calculator.
  • Our Ground Mount Installation Guide provides a simple outline of requirements and the installation process – download here.
  • Sample Drawingdownload here.
  • Watch this video on how to install ground screws, care of Rafferty’s Solar.

There are few considerations you should be aware of with ground mount racking, but DPA is happy to guide you through these and assist where ever we can.

  • You will need to seek advice on the suitability of the design for the local climate and topography as well as soil conditions from a local engineer. If you don’t have a contact, DPA solar can connect you.
  • Rail and clamps are the same as roof mounting.
  • If using screw piles you will need a bobcat for driving the screws into the ground, but it’s quick – only takes around 1 min per screw – watch this video. (In some cases the land owner may have equipment available for use)
  • If using concrete footings you will need to confirm footing design with a local engineer. Typically approximately 1.5 cubic meters of concrete per section. Based on two typical concrete footings of 500 x 500 x 300mm.
  • Allow time to erect the frame – approximately 1 hour.
  • Allow for the cost of trenching. Depending on the soil, 10m/hour.
  • Allow for the cost of conduits and cable runs in the ground.
  • Allow for extra freight.

So what are you waiting for? DPA Solar can provide advice on the steps required to price up your first ground mount quote. And if this is your first time, let us know and we’ll offer you our DPA Solar News ground mount discount.

For enquiries about DPA Solar’s Ground Mount range please enquire here or call +61 (3) 9696 1119.

DPA Solar Ground Mount Flyer