In our first story back in May, we introduced you to some of the features of ground mount solutions. Since then we’ve been answering your questions and taking your feedback on how our website can provide more and clearer information on our ground mount systems.

So last month we created a standalone tab on our website navigation for RACKING – GROUND MOUNT and we also created individual SKU (stock keeping units) for 20 panel racking systems.

Feel free to keep the feedback and questions rolling in. Contact Us

Two more examples of grount mount solutions

Below are some images and a video once again demonstrating how easy ground mount is to install.

Solar Mad

Our friends from Solar Mad in Griffith, NSW have sent in some photos of two of their installations. One is a N/East-N/West facing dual 22 panel array. They are terrific examples of installation ideas.

Click images to enlarge

Little Dirt Works

Our friends from Little Dirt Works near Bendigo in Victoria have sent in a video showing how easily they can install ground screws for your next project. The video shows use of their ground mount attachment bracket.

Free Tools

Once again here is a list of our tools to help you with your ground mount installs:

For enquiries about DPA Solar’s Ground Mount range please enquire here or call +61 (3) 9696 1119.

DPA Solar Ground Mount Flyer