Leading solar training centre demonstrates non-toxic storage benefits in the classroom.

US based SimpliPhi Power continues to gain traction in the Australian market with its award-winning cobalt-free lithium-ion storage solutions now incorporated as part of GSES’ (Global Sustainable Energy Solutions Pty Ltd) training courses. GSES has recently launched the grid-connect PV with battery storage course at their training centre in Botany (NSW) as well as launching a purpose built mobile training unit. GSES’ practical training for this course includes the SimpliPhi lithium ferro phosphate batteries.


GSES Mobile Training Unit

“We chose SimpliPhi because of their strong reputation and use in military applications. It is important to demonstrate products currently available in the market and which we were sure would perform given a proven track record and strong reputation,” said Chris Martell, Principal Engineer of GSES.

“We have incorporated SimpliPhi batteries as part of our training centre as well as in our new mobile training unit. The GSES mobile training facility is the first-of-its-kind in the Australian market. It will commence in Brisbane and extend our training to those users beyond our Sydney base.”

SimpliPhi is known for its compact, scalable, lightweight form factor, 100 percent depth of discharge, over 98 percent efficiency charge and discharge rate and an extended operating temperature range of, -20° to 60°C, all without requiring the ventilation or cooling characteristic of other lithium-ion and lead acid batteries. GSES students at both the Botany centre and mobile training unit actually wire and configure the SimpliPhi batteries, perform testing and commissioning and wire in a load to complete the system.

“SimpliPhi is gaining momentum in the burgeoning Australian solar plus energy storage market. This new GSES training course is the next phase in preparing a host of installers to integrate our proven and safe storage solution for Australians looking for greater energy independence,” said Chris Beitel, COO of SimpliPhi Power. “As part of our commitment to the Australian market, we will be joining the industry’s leaders at the upcoming Australian Energy Storage Conference, where our solutions will be on display as well as their many benefits highlighted during my case study presentation.”

Attendees of the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition, held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, can learn more about SimpliPhi during the case study presentation on June 2 at 11:45am: MicroGrid Deployment – Maui Brewing Company: Safety, Accessibility & Power Security in the Age of Climate Change, Cyber Attack & Political Uncertainty.

SimpliPhi Power has partnered with DPA Solar to distribute its proven energy storage technology in Australia and New Zealand. DPA Solar provides its vast network of Australian and New Zealand electricians and commercial businesses with SimpliPhi Power’s lithium ferrous phosphate battery systems.