What are the advantages of engaging a qualified off-grid installer?


Thinking of having an off-grid solar battery system designed for your holiday home or new house?

Stop and ask if your supplier is designing it to the Australian Standard 4509 and if they have the appropriate qualifications.

Most installers will have used the training centres such as those listed in our Training Section. These training courses will ensure qualified off-grid and hybrid installers are aware of and trained to the relevant standards and codes.

The Australian Standard AS/NZS 4509 for off-grid designs contains detailed resources that prescribe how battery banks and inverter systems must be designed, sized and installed.

The load tables outlined in the Australian Standard are very detailed. Installers will develop their own spreadsheets and populated load table that are approved and signed off by the home-owner, will ensure the system is sized correctly for your needs. You will need to supply the installer with a list of appliances, kW ratings and estimate of time you use each appliance, especially appliances for heating and cooling and hot water to ensure you get a system that is fit for purpose.

If you’re a homeowner looking for installers in your area, contact DPA Solar or use the Clean Energy Council link at the top of our website or click here.

If you follow the above steps, it will reduce the risks and you’ll be more likely to have a system that will supply all the loads in your home, will be expandable if your household grows, will work though the dark months of winter and will last you for many years.

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