Moving to cobalt-free chemistry to increase safety, reliability and lifecycle of energy storage

SimpliPhi Power CEO, Catherine Von Burg, will be one of the contributing speakers in an energy storage panel discussion at the All Energy Expo next Thursday 12 October, 2:55pm.

Catherine Von Burg’s presentation will include an introduction of the different levels of technical attributes that influence battery safety and reliability (chemistry, form factor and battery management systems), and provide an overview of the inherent safety and reliability issues stemming from the use of cobalt-based chemistry.

Additionally, a leading alternative battery chemistry that eliminates cobalt, Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) chemistry, will be reviewed. Case studies and test results from real-world applications of LFP batteries will be presented to underscore the robust, efficient and safe nature of this battery chemistry.

From on and off grid, residential and commercial, to mobile and military applications, the presentation will illustrate how LFP’s elimination of cobalt has garnered success for clean, safe and reliable energy storage in some of the harshest temperatures and use-cases across the globe.

Watch this video for a taste of what Catherine will be presenting:

At the end of the presentation participants will be able to:

1. Identify different chemistries utilised within the lithium-ion classification of batteries.

2. Use a new model for understanding the parameters that affect the safety, reliability and lifespan of energy storage.

3. Educate their customers on the pros and cons of different lithium ion battery chemistries for their projects based on safety, reliability, efficiency, longevity and cost.