FPA (FLEXPower Australia) – the new all-in-one solution.

DPA distributes the full range of Outback inverter chargers and charge controllers and we were excited to see the new release of the all-in-one FPA solution at the Solar and Storage conference and exhibition in Melbourne earlier in the year.

The new all-in-one solution called FPA (FLEXPower Australia) will be pre-built and delivered to specification to several base configurations.

The system is designed specifically for hybrid installations particularly where the home or business owner is looking to go off-grid down the track rather than the lower specification systems on the market.


Being factory configured, DPA sees the greatest opportunities for this product being:

  • Minimise on-site time
  • Minimise the risk of callbacks to site
  • For installers who want to provide solutions rather than become systems integrators
  • For installers with a full pipeline of customers and need to deliver systems on the day

The system comes in two main cabinets, the main inverter and charge controller cabinet, and the battery cabinet.


The ideal install location is either under cover in a carport or garage, or on an external wall protected from the elements from all sides.

Off Grid?

Yes, definitely! The system is designed to be connected to a generator, so why not connect the generator from day one in an off-grid install.

AC or DC coupled solar?

For simplicity, the system is designed primarily for DC coupling, utilising combinations of the FM60 and FM80 charge controllers.

But if the house already has a grid-tie inverter and solar and there is room on the roof for more DC-coupled solar to the MPPT’s then leave the old grid-tie solar and keep it on the street side of the Outback and it will behave as it always has, perhaps exporting even more to the grid.

For inquiries about DPA Solar’s range of Outback inverter chargers and charge controllers or call +61 (3) 9696 1119.