RJ Warren Contracting Servicess - Victron & PowerPlus Installation

DPA Solar is proud to showcase a recent off-grid installation on one of the Gladstone harbour islands in sunny North Queensland. RJ Warren Contracting Services, an experienced electrical service provider in the area, completed this Victron – PowerPlus DC Coupled Off-grid system to meet the customer’s electrical needs.

The Victron SmartSolar 150/100 MPPT Solar Regulator efficiently manages the solar array. The PowerPlus Pre-wired PEW3 cabinet houses three PowerPlus ECO4840P LiFePO4 Batteries, providing reliable and long-lasting power storage. Monitoring of the batteries is made possible through the Victron Smartshunt, while the overall system status is displayed on the Victron Cerbo GX & Victron GX Touch 50 interface.

To ensure a comfortable and reliable power supply, the system includes a Victron MultiPlus-II 48V 3000VA Inverter Charger. This allows for the operation of essential appliances such as fridges, lights, and computers, as well as other small loads as necessary. What sets this system apart is the inclusion of a 4G GSM Antenna, which enables remote monitoring via the Victron VRM Portal. Both the customer and RJ Warren can conveniently monitor the system’s performance, make any necessary adjustments to settings, or perform firmware updates remotely if needed.

At DPA Solar, we take pride in offering high-quality off-grid solutions, and this installation exemplifies the reliability and convenience our customers can expect from our products.

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