Advanced Conext Hybrid Inverter Training

Dr Gerry Paz from Schneider Australia visited DPA in August and presented an in-house training session for advanced Schneider installers. The training agenda and key points can be found here.

Some of the key topics covered in the training and notes include:

  • Application notes. Keep up to date with all application notes by clicking here and checking the product pages. Follow the tabs to Products / Off-Grid / Inverter chargers.
  • AC Coupling. Following the 1:1 rule, AC coupling of inverters such as Fronius (resources) enabled for frequency shifting can be installed in off-grid applications.
  • Discharge Control. For lithium battery installations only, limiting of discharge Amps Max can now be set. This is key for smaller battery bank capacities.
  • Cable Looping. To prevent overheating failures, all care should be taken to avoid looping of high current cables including DC cables.

For further information regarding content of each session, or any other queries, please contact David Woodgrove in the DPA office on 03 9696 1119.

We have recently added more resources to the Inverter-Charger resources bank. This and all our other resource docs can be found here. 

XW+ Training Rig

DPA has an operating XW+ Rig in our offices, with Combox, SCP, Battery Monitor, AGS. We welcome installers to book a time to come in and familiarise yourself with the equipment.

Schneider recommend installers contacting their qualified Applications and Support Engineers when designing all multiple 3 phase and parallels inverter installations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact DPA on 03 9696 1119 or with all of your Schneider questions.


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