SelectCell Ultimate 280S LFP Battery

New Selectronic SelectCell Ultimate 280S LFP Battery

The Selectronic SelectCell Ultimate 280 Series is a lithium-ion battery, 48VDC nominal and 280Ah capacity. Each one of the modules comprises 15x 3.2V cells in series, using welded laser technology. The voltage of each of these cells and the temperature of the module is continuously monitored by its own local card (BMS), developed by Selectronic.

SelectCell Ultimate 280S LFP Battery

The SelectCell battery is designed to meet the needs of the 120V DC SP PRO systems and higher DC Voltage systems up to 628V using alternative inverters. The SelectCell battery is a 13.44kWh, 48V Battery which is designed to be connected in series for 120V-144V DC systems using our SPLC or SP PRO Inverter Charger models. DC Connections are made via Harting plug connections. Up to 3 batteries can be stacked vertically or configured horizontally. Nominal DC Current 140A. In turn, each group of batteries can be connected in parallel by using the Manager-Worker configuration, making it possible to increase the system’s energy and total power. Note: Must be multiples of 3 batteries to make a 120V-144V DC Battery bank.

SelectCell Battery 120kWh and Vertical_

The all new SelectCell range of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries brings a new level of integration and performance to the battery storage industry. Working together provides an Inverter and Battery solution that is engineered in harmony, no more incompatibility issues, and all supported from one point of contact. When the worlds most experienced inverter company joins forces with one of the most experienced battery companies, the outcome is simply stunning. 

SelectCell Ultimate 280S LFP Battery

The system requires a PCC protection and control body in order to operate. These control bodies contain the system’s protection elements, as well as a card responsible for managing them (EMS). The system uses a CAN bus communications cable is used to communicate between the SP Pro and the SelectCell battery. 

Power Control Cabinets (PCC)

To ensure a reliable, safe, and convenient installation, each system will be supplied with a choice of Power Control Cabinets (PCCs). These superbly engineered cabinets will not only allow for the easiest possible integration of multiple batteries but also provide the ability to choose the level of redundancy required in the system. Dynamic setpoints shared with the Selectronic SP PRO inverter will allow on-the-fly adjustments of charge/discharge parameters should the system develop any stress points, all in the name of keeping your loads always powered.

SelectCell Ultimate 280S LFP Battery

Additional Features:


  • System capacities from 40kWh up to a massive 3MWh
  • 13.44kWh per battery
  • On-Grid or Off-Grid applications
  • Prismatic LFP battery cells
  • Domestic, commercial, or industrial sites
  • High energy density with a small footprint
  • Able to work with a range of inverters
  • 48V, (120V) 144V, 432V and 628V DC
  • CANbus controlled for accurate and safe operation
  • Installer-friendly installation solution
  • Modular and scalable
  • 105kg per battery module
  • IP30 Rating
  • 0.5C Discharge rating; 3x SelectCell batteries 40kWh – 1x 20kW SP Pro
  • 762W x 448H x 405D mm (per battery)
  • At least 3 batteries required in series for 120V/144V system

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