Selectronic AS4777.2.2020 Update

Selectronic AS4777.2.2020  Update!

Almost there and better than expected.

As previously outlined, the SP PRO will be compliant with the new Stand-Alone Grid connect category and testing has been successfully completed for the 48V units. Selectronic are now busy tidying up final paperwork etc. and will have new compliant firmware released to our website by Friday March 18th along with CEC listing.


Even better news:

Since Selectronic outlined the AS4777 changes to the SP PRO, their R&D team has focused on minimising the operational changes.

Key points:

  • There will be no changes to the On Grid operation and system design in storage systems with AC Coupled Solar. The previously documented change to AC Source Contactor is no longer a limitation, it’s business as usual.
  • Generic AC Coupling can continue to be used with a 1:1 ratio – SP PRO to Solar Inverter.
  • The only change to operation for an SP PRO storage system under the new AS4777.2:2020 is that DC power (battery or DC Solar) cannot be exported out to the grid, but can continue to be consumed by the load.
  • There will be a firmware version for systems that require export to grid from the DC Solar or battery. This applies to existing systems, as AS4777.2:2020 is not retrospective.
  • 24V and the 7.5kW 120V SP PRO models will not be certified to the new standard and cannot be used for new On Grid systems.
  • 120V SP PRO models, 15kW and 20kW, remain on track for On Grid Certification early May.