SimpliPhi AccESS

SimpliPhi AccESS is a fully-integrated energy storage system. Available on the market less than a year, the plug-and-play system has already been installed at multiple loctaions across USA.

“People continue to be genuinely interested in learning more about the AccESS,” said Jordan Little, SimpliPhi Applications Engineer.

“They like that it makes the installation of energy storage easy and straightforward for any solar installer. We spoke to people from countries with very intense climates like Costa Rica, Chile, the Congo, and Zambia. For them, the fact that the AccESS and any SimpliPhi product can be installed outside and withstand harsh heat was a significant advantage for them. ”

One of the more notable AccESS installations to date is at the Stone Edge Farm Microgrid project in Sonoma, California. In addition, SimpliPhi has a bank of PHI 3.4 batteries installed in the attic of the Zen building at the farm. These are the only batteries installed in any of the Stone Edge Farm buildings because they do not pose the risk of fire due to the inherent safety of Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry combined with the proprietary architecture and management built into all of SimpliPhi Power’s battery designs.

This microgrid showcases how engineers and students from around the world are researching how to build self-sufficiency and resiliency with distributed generation and storage assets for uninterrupted power to support all the farm’s extensive operations.


  • AccESS power security with safe, reliable, non-hazardous and efficient energy source
  • AccESS any power generation source with intelligent management
  • AccESS your own power when and where you need it – inside or outside your home or business