Upgrading to SimpliPhi’s advanced lithium ferrous phosphate technology is an investment that future proofs a household’s energy independence for the longer term.

Several off-grid households in western Victoria with aging and tired lead battery packs found they were having to run their generators many hours a week throughout the year.


ReEnergy in Ballarat worked with the homeowners to find a solution. Once all the options were considered, the team from ReEnergy proposed the following solution:

  • Replace the bulky and weak flooded lead acid batteries with three compact SimpliPhi OES 3.4kWh 48V Lithium Ferrous Phosphate batteries.
  • SimpliPhi packs are approximately 1/10th of the weight and 1/5th of the volume of equivalent lead.
  • Their old lead packs initially had around 9kWh of usable capacity but were now degraded. These were removed and replaced with the SimpliPhi battery pack is capable of supplying over 9kWh at 95% depth of discharge and has a warranted life of 5,000 cycles. This increases to 10,000 cycles if depth of discharge is changed to 80% dod.

The customers may now expect their generators to run only after several days without sun or when their daily loads increase when visitors arrive or appliance usage changes.

One homeowner has had the SimpliPhi pack for a number of months and is now considering the addition of one more SimpliPhi OES 3.4 battery to cover larger additional loads during winter.

Simply adding another battery to an existing battery bank was never possible with lead acid batteries.


The cost of swapping from traditional lead acid batteries to the SimpliPhi battery packs is marginally higher, however the benefits offered by SimpliPhi make that extra money spent an investment in future-proofing their family’s power requirements.

Thanks again to our friends at ReEnergy in Ballarat for supplying their insights and photos.

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Watch this video for a detailed lead replacement 24 volt installation in an extreme temperature site in the USA. The video content covers many key areas and while the site has a 24 volt install, most of the detail is the same for 48 volt battery banks.