SimpliPhi Power and DPA Solar bring reliable, renewable power generation & storage to children and schools in remote locations with It’s Time Foundation in Fiji.

Its Time Foundation is dedicated to delivering renewable power and energy storage solutions for remote Pacific Island schools with the dual objectives of reducing carbon emissions and creating energy security, thereby enhancing educational opportunities in target communities.

Kids in many island schools have little or no chance of a modern education because of the lack of access to electricity. Its Time Foundation provides clean, abundant solar energy for lighting and computers, coupled with batteries, to extend power into the night and during bad weather that utterly transforms the educational experience and prospects for these children and their future.

SimpliPhi Power is now supporting the efforts of Its Time Foundation with their non-toxic, safe, highly efficient and long lasting lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) batteries.

Rob Edwards, founder of It’s Time Foundation, says “Remote island schools either don’t have electricity at all, or they have a diesel generator that runs for a couple of hours during the day time and a couple of hours during the evening for the teachers. Putting in a solar system gives the school 24 hour power and that means these kids can step into a modern education. The money that’s saved on diesel creates decades of cash flow to buy the computers and the other electronic resources for the school. And will also save heaps of carbon dioxide.”

The pacific islands are subject to extreme weather conditions. Cyclone Winston, which hit Fiji in 2016, was the second largest cyclone to ever make landfall.

Due to the safety features and lack of thermal management in hot climates, the robust nature of SimpliPhi batteries – which have been tested and deployed by the US Army and Marine Corps – are ideal for the solar installations in island regions where reliable batteries are critical to store solar energy well into the night or during bad weather to provide uninterrupted access.

“We are thrilled to have SimpliPhi Power involved in our projects.” says Rob Edwards, founder It’s Time Foundation. “Catherine [SimpliPhi CEO] and I met last year and very quickly discovered common ground in regard to our interest in supporting residents of areas with poor infrastructure whose opportunities are limited without alternative, uninterupted power sources.”

“… we would like to convey our sincere thanks and appreciation for such a mega project carried out in our school. We are now able to conduct computer classes, save our environment and reduce fuel costs of our school.” Student, Wainimakutu school, Fiji.

SimpliPhi batteries combine non-toxic lithium ferrous phosphate chemistry with proprietary cell, battery architecture and battery management system (BMS) to create the most safe, reliable, durable and scalable on-demand power solutions available.

For enquiries about DPA Solar’s range of SimpliPhi batteries products please enquire here or call +61 (3) 9696 1119.

If you would like to join us in supporting the Its Time Foundation you can make a donation here.