DPA Solar is pleased to inform you that CEC (Clean Energy Council) has confirmed that for all MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) / Solar Charge controllers used in DC Coupled installations, you can now claim Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) by simply entering the code NI0001. This means that you do not need to list our Solar Charge Controllers on the CEC list to claim STCs.

We have received this information directly from the Clean Energy Regulator, who has assured us that using the code NI0001 is acceptable for our Solar Charge Controllers. In fact, several of our dealers have already been using this code for the past few months without experiencing any issues.

This confirmation from the Clean Energy Regulator provides reassurance that installers can confidently claim STCs using the code NI0001 for our Solar Charge Controllers in your DC Coupled installations. We are excited about this development and hope that it simplifies the process for you.


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