PowerPlus Energy Telecom Solutions

Telecom Energy Solutions

Distributed Power Australia are Australia’s leading distributor of Telecom Energy Solutions . We offer the full range of power products designed for remote telecommunications environments.


Our range includes both the Schneider Electric and PowerPlus Energy batteries. 

Schneider Electric Solutions

  • Reduce diesel costs by more than 35%
  • Reduction in diesel consumption
    Decreased diesel generator maintenance
    Lower transportation cost of diesel to the site
    Harvest solar energy to lower your energy bills
    Reduce CO2 emission by more than 10 tonnes a year per site
  • Contribute to the society by undertaking green initiatives to reduce green house gas emissions
Schneider Electric
Power Plus Energy Telecom Solutions

PowerPlus Energy’s LiFe Premium batteries are suitable for numerous applications ranging from residential, industrial, commercial, and telecommunication. Australian designed and made, this battery series is robust, reliable and well suited to harsh environments.

Power Plus Energy Telecom Solutions
PowerPlus Energy Telecom Solutions

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About Distributed Power Australia 

Technical Knowledge - Quality Products - Great Support!

We’re For Installers

Distributed Power Australia supply Off-Grid energy equipment exclusively to registered electricians or qualified solar/battery installers. We do not to sell equipment directly to home owners.

Instead, we are committed to helping you, the installer, build your business by sending home owner leads your way. So make sure we know about your business and the region you cover so we can refer you work and help your business flourish.

We’re Technical

The Distributed Power Australia team are engineers and technicians. We care about details. We need to know that the system you purchase can be installed and commissioned easily, will perform as expected, and is at a price that works for your end customer.

Our technical expertise will help you grow your installer business by saving time and money on your projects. Have a question? Talk to one of our team now.

Our Brands

We have compiled the latest PV technologies from some of the worlds most trusted brands at the best possible prices.  Our range delivers installers the most select range of quality solar products Australia wide.

Come to us for premium inverter chargers, energy storage products and panel racking and ground mount solutions. We work closely with the company brands so can answer your questions.

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