In addition to the Victron help sheets and technical support that DPA already offer, here is some more Victron resource material and an outline for Victron community.

Victron Technical References

We have added the below Victron documents to the Inverter – Chargers section of our Resources page:

  • Wiring Unlimited – mandatory reading for batteries/inverter/mppt wiring
  • Energy Unlimited – detailed guide for lead battery charging, sizing etc
  • Automotive System Booklet – all Victron’s automotive products explained

Victron Community Technical Support

Need quick technical support with your Victron installations or designs?

If you can’t get onto DPA, or you want to be more independent, post the question in the Victron Community webpage and normally within 24hrs you will receive an answer. Below you’ll find some general guidelines in case you haven’t used the Community board before.

If you’re new to the Victron Community click here, register and create a password.

You can search to see if someone has already asked the same question by typing the key words into the search window or clicking into the relevant topic headings.

If the question hasn’t been asked before, click Ask A Question.

Basic steps to ask a question:

  • Question title:  eg. MPPT, can I update firmware from VRM?
  • Add some details:  Dear Victron… – enter a longer description but keep it concise
  • Topic:  eg. MPPT – try very hard not to create a new topic because there are already too many
  • Select a space:  English – drop down choice
  • Submit: Click ‘POST YOUR QUESTION’