GET TRAINED with our mobile training rigs

DPA has built training rigs for Schneider, Outback and Victron so we can help installers familiarise themselves with the basics of programming, doing firmware updates, remote monitoring and setting up your systems.

We have three Victron training rigs:

  1. Baby training rig made up of a small 12V 800Va Multiplus, Color Control and 12v battery that we can freight to you for $55 for 14 days so you can do your own training.

All we need is a credit card number in case you fall in love with it!

2. We also have a training rig for in-house training and can arrange an in-house day training session, we need about 3 to 4 installers which typically starts at 9:30 am and runs through till 3pm or 4 pm.

We also periodically submit our training for CPD points, so if our CPD program is up to date and you would like the points, we do ask that you submit your own claim forms.

3. And because we’re nerds, we also built a 3phase rig so you can use VE Quick configure to set up 3 units in parallel or in 3 phase. Simple!

Contact us and we’ll fit you in.