The Good, The Better, The Best

PART 3. What makes the BEST off-grid battery system

DPA brings you the third part of this three-part story

At DPA Solar, we get lots of feedback from installers, training organisations and equipment suppliers on what makes good, bad and fantastic BESS systems. We’ve collected this feedback over time, and now we’re sharing this information with you. Some of this seems simple but when you add it all up, it can make a big difference to building your off-grid business. We see the evidence that delivering better quality installations with more features will help grow your business, make your life easier with less callouts, less faults and a system you can monitor remotely.

A BEST off-grid system will have:

• All of the features from Part 1 and Part 2 plus –
• Remote monitoring so the system can be monitored and setting change remotely
• Solar mounted at 40 – 45 degrees (pending location) for winter generation
• A diesel generator with auto start
• Regular maintenance by the original installer on the generator and solar system
• Panels cleaned once or twice a year

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by Matt Wilson – Central Spark