The Conext CL series is the new range of 3phase inverter that suits small commercial installations up to medium utility scale power plants that do not call for a central inverter. Featuring an integrated DC wiring box, flexibility in both installation and commissioning, advanced algorithms improving system output and still with plenty more to come, the Conext CL must be considered for any serious solar installation.

Configuration Options

There are 3 DC wiring box configuration options available to Australian customers that give additional protection levels for DC connections;

Model What’s in the Wiring Box
Base Gives you flexibility to attach the Conext CL inverter to an external combiner box of your choice.


·      DC Terminal Block

·      AC Terminal Block

Essential + When you want to eliminate the use of an external DC combiner box, and want to use the Conext CL wiring box as the primary option. ·      DC Switch

·      MPPT shorting terminal block

·      DC touch-safe fuse carriers

·      DC Switch

·      Plus everything included in the Base Model

Optimum + For full protection in high surge areas, to protect your PV assets with DC and AC SPDs. ·      AC & DC Surge Protection (SPD) with monitoring

·      AFD

·      Plus everything included in the Essential +  Model


Installation Advantages

Installation and commissioning of the Conext CL is made easier with flexible mounting options and simple commissioning using the Conext Easy Config Tool by;

  • Mounting from 90 degrees to near-flat at 10 degrees when you have limited mounting surfaces and to save construction costs on cages and long DC cable
  • The weight of the CL inverter is only 51kg plus the detachable wiring box of 19kg, lighter than the leading competitors
  • Easily customisable parameter settings from your computer instead of each inverter’s DUI, and then deploy your settings to the rest of your CL inverters in the field using the Config-Tool


Advanced Algorithm

The capability of unbalanced MPPT inputs (up to 60/40% power input between 2 MPPTs) allows for asymmetrical loading from panels installed on rooftops. Schneider Electric’s Shade-Tolerant MPPT Algorithm harvests maximum possible power at a global maximum, unlike traditional MPPT algorithms that only track the localized power bump. This algorithm minimises the impact of partial shading and increases energy harvest.


Connectivity Included

Get access to Schneider’s cloud portal, Conext Insight, for up to eight CL inverters, without the need for any additional hardware. The CL can be connected by the Modbus interface via RS485 or Ethernet ports with wireless communication coming just around the corner.


And there’s more to come, including;

  • Ability to AC Couple Battery Based Systems with a firmware upgrade
  • 40kW Unit available in 2016
  • Wireless Communication Feature, which will eliminate the need for fixed cabling to your router and simplifies your installation process.


To find out more;

Download the Conext Design Tool

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