The Conext XW+ from Schneider Electric is a compact, versatile and powerful inverter charger for your next on-grid or off-grid project. It is suitable for single or three phase applications and features a high continuous and high surge rating.

The Conext XW+ is compatible with most battery chemistries such as VRLA, Gel, advanced lead acid, lithium ion and flooded types and scalable up to 10,000Ahr battery capacity. Nevertheless it is critical that the right battery type and chemistry is used when building your battery storage solution.

It is important that you closely match the inverter power ratings the battery to prevent an “underpowered” battery that is unable to meet load demand.

Whether your application is self-consumption, peak shifting, peak-lopping, back-up power, grid or generator support, always select Conext XW+ inverter chargers and make the right choice for type of battery.

The following specialised battery manufacturers are compatible and tested with Conext XW+ inverter chargers and available from our battery partner suppliers.

Simpliphi Batteries

Lithium ion phosphate batteries, suitable for residential and commercial application featuring, high surge rates, 10,000 cycle lifetime, internal battery management system and suitable for drop in lead acid replacement applications, no integration between the Battery Management System and the Conext XW+ required.

Ecoult Batteries

The UltraBattery combines ultracapacitor and lead-acid chemistries in a single electrolyte to create a hybrid cell delivering high performance partial state of charge operation, with fast charging, high energy density, and exceptional lifetime throughput. Fully integrated to the Conext XW+ and scalable for single and three phase applications.

Discover Battery 

Lithium ion phosphate battery from the USA is fully integrated to the Conext XW+ using XanBus protocols, suitable for single phase, DC coupled applications. This plug and play solution allows the user to configure and monitor the battery energy system, with ease and in a short while.