DPA Solar is excited to showcase a recent AC Coupled installation from Eccelec which was supplied by DPA. The system has been carefully designed to provide their customer with significant cost savings and ensure continuous power supply during outages.

The system comprises a 15.8kW solar array, which efficiently harnesses solar energy. To convert this energy into usable power, Eccelec has integrated 2x Fronius Primo GEN24 SCERT 6kW inverters. These high-quality inverters guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

Managing and controlling the overall system is a Selectronic SP Pro 482 Inverter Charger, with an impressive power output of 7.5kW. This powerful inverter charger ensures seamless operation and smooth energy transfer.

The heart of this AC Coupled installation lies in the battery bank. Eccelec has incorporated 6x PowerPlus ECO4840P LiFePO4 batteries, which provides a total storage capacity of 24kWh. These batteries are housed in a pre-wired PowerPlus PIR18C Cabinet, allowing for flexibility and future expansion possibilities.

The monitoring screenshots demonstrate the outstanding performance of this system. Even during overnight periods, the battery capacity only drops to around 80%. Additionally, excess energy is exported back to the grid, offsetting the daily supply charge and providing their customer with further financial benefits.

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