SkyBox 5kVA Installation by Solar 360

DPA Solar is proud to have recently supplied Solar 360 VIC with the SkyBox Off-Grid Series V2 5kVA Victron cabinet, complete with Pylontech US5000-B LiFePO4 batteries. The SkyBox Off-Grid Series is an advanced energy system housed in a sturdy IP54 weatherproof enclosure, offering users independence from the power grid. It effectively manages power from solar, wind, or hydro generators, storing excess energy in its internal batteries to create a reliable off-grid electricity supply. The system is designed for easy installation by any electrician, resulting in significant cost savings compared to traditional off-grid solar installations.


The SkyBox Off-Grid Series V2 5kVA (Victron) features high-quality Victron products, including the MultiPlus II 48/5000 inverter, MPPT solar charger, Cerbo GX, GX Touch, 4G LTE Module & puck, pre-wired AC external switchboard, pre-wired external solar input, and pre-wired connections for Pylontech US5000-B batteries. The system is designed to handle up to 6 Pylontech US5000-B batteries, providing a total of up to 28.8kWh of battery storage.


Customers have found the SkyBox easy to install, and the built-in SkyCare program allows for direct communication with the manufacturer for any questions or support needs. Proudly manufactured in Keysborough, Victoria, SkyBox is built to withstand Australian conditions and comes with a 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind to users.


The SkyBox Off-Grid Series V2 5kVA Victron cabinet with Pylontech US5000-B LiFePO4 Batteries offers an efficient and reliable off-grid energy solution, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of being on the grid while being off the grid. With its versatility and upgradeable battery capacity, the SkyBox is an excellent choice for those seeking to reduce the cost of going off-grid and generate their own energy.


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