Thank you to PowerPlus Energy for the high-quality images from All Energy and for allowing us to collaborate with your stand. It was fantastic to see such an Australian-themed setup at this year’s show and to reconnect with the PowerPlus Sales Reps and marketing team!

At DPA Solar, we take pride in being a distributor of PowerPlus Lithium batteries. These batteries play a crucial role in Off-Grid systems and are compatible with various Inverter Chargers.

PowerPlus Rack Mount Lithium batteries are available in different 48V options and a 24V solution, specifically designed for Off-grid Installations. Additionally, the newly released LiFe4838P battery is CEC Approved for On-Grid applications. To accommodate these batteries and your Power Conversion equipment, PowerPlus offers a comprehensive range of pre-wired cabinets.

While our warehouse is located in Melbourne, DPA Solar provides services throughout Australia. In fact, in the images, you can spot some of our sales representatives:

Pedro Schwindt: WA, SA, NT Sales Manager

Andrew Wilson: VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS Sales Manager

Jason Elmes: QLD Sales, Purchasing & Marketing

David Woodgrove: Sales & Technical Support

PowerPlus Rack Mount Batteries:

– PowerPlus Energy 24VDC 3.3kWh LFP Battery – LiFe2433P

– PowerPlus Energy 48VDC 3.3kWh LFP Battery – LiFe4833P

– PowerPlus Energy 48VDC 3.8kWh LFP Battery – LiFe4838P

– PowerPlus Energy ECO 48VDC 4.0kWh LFP Battery – ECO4840P

 – PowerPlus Energy 120VDC 3.3kWh LFP Battery – LiFe12033P


PowerPlus Cabinets:

– PowerPlus Energy 3x Battery Cabinet IP66 – PEW3

– PowerPlus Energy 4x Battery Cabinet IP66 – PEW4

 – PowerPlus Energy Cabinet for Inverter & 6x Batteries IP54 – PEF6W-B250

– PowerPlus Energy 9x Battery Cabinet IP65 w/250A Noark DC breaker – PEF9W-250

– PowerPlus Energy Cabinet for Inverter & 12x Batteries IP54 – PEF12W-B250

– PowerPlus Energy 8x Battery Cabinet IP21 – PIR8C

– PowerPlus Energy 10x Battery Cabinet IP21 – PIR10C

– PowerPlus Energy 12x Battery Cabinet IP21 – PIR12C

– PowerPlus Energy 18x Battery Cabinet IP21 – PIR18C

– PowerPlus Energy 20x Battery Cabinet IP21 – PIR20C

If you’re an installer or electrical wholesaler interested in purchasing PowerPlus batteries or learning more about their products and applications, please contact DPA Solar today through email at or by calling 03 9696 1119


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