PowerPlus Energy Escape10, Escape20, Escape30 Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

BESS Systems

Reliable, Scalable, and All-Weather Suited

Looking for a reliable, modular, and scalable battery energy storage system? PowerPlus Energy has you covered. Our all-weather-suited systems are made with readily accessible components and can be mixed and matched to suit specific project requirements.

PowerPlus BESS Cabinets

Escape 10

7.5kW – 22.5kW

The PowerPlus Escape10 series is a fully integrated battery energy storage system that’s built to last. The Series is both scalable and engineered for modularity with a low MTTR, making it ideal for medium renewable energy projects.

Flexible and Customisable Design

The Escape10 series offers flexible and scalable designs for various applications, whether you need a small or medium energy storage solution. Our BESS is modular, which means you can mix and match cabinets to suit your system requirements. Plus, it comes in two variants, AC Single Bay and AC Dual Bay.

PowerPlus BESS Escape 10

Escape 20

28.8kW – 115kW

The PowerPlus Escape20 series battery energy storage system is designed with versatility and scalability in mind. Featuring MPPT technology and leading-edge conversion equipment, these BESS systems are built to stand out thanks to their longevity, reliability, and customisability.


AC Single Bay Variants

Perfect for All On/Off-Grid Applications
Escape20 Series’ AC Single Bay Variants provide unparalleled flexibility when it comes to on/off-grid applications. Our most versatile BESS on offer, Escape20 systems can be used in almost any application while being fully customisable, making these systems a reliable and long-lasting energy storage option for a variety of applications.

AC Dual Bay

More Energy Capacity and Easy Scalability
Escape20 Series’ AC Dual Bay Variants are perfect for those looking for more energy capacity. Our dual bay module increases usable energy and can scale up to 48 cabinets in on and off-grid connected applications. These systems are designed with the same MPPT technology and leading-edge conversion equipment, ensuring longevity, reliability, and customisability.
PowerPlus BESS Escape 20

Superior Accuracy in BESS Controlled AC Solar

Escape20 Series’ Communication & Frequency Controlled AC Solar Ramping provides superior accuracy in BESS-controlled AC solar with a 1% increment output. Our system also includes frequency control in case of lost communication or if your AC connected solar is too far away.

Black Start for Unexpected Shutdowns

Our Black Start feature allows the system to seamlessly wake up batteries and begin charging when an AC source or BESS integrated MPPT is available – following an unexpected shutdown event. This ensures uninterrupted energy supply and increased efficiency.

Escape 30


Our Escape30 Series features an AC single bay module capable of 29.7kW with options available up to 1MW clusters. These modules are perfect for on-grid solutions, providing reliable power for your applications.

Longevity and Reliability

Our Escape30 Series is designed for longevity and reliability, ensuring your applications have access to clean and stable power for an extended period. Our systems utilise leading-edge conversion equipment, allowing flexible and scalable designs for all kinds of applications.

Customisable and Versatile

Our Escape30 systems are fully customisable and versatile, suitable for almost any on grid application. If your next project has specific requirements, our team of experts can work with you to design a system that meets your project specifications and requirements.

Energy Shifting

Our Escape30 systems further support solar power systems by storing excess energy instead of exporting or wasting it. You can use this stored energy during priority periods when demands are high, utilising your stored energy when you need it most.

PowerPlus BESS Escape 30

Peak Lopping

Program your Escape30 systems to kick in and utilise stored energy during times of peak power demand. This reduces the significant cost of ‘peak demand charges’ and overall utility charges on grid supply, helping you save money in the long run.

Modular, Scalable, and Fully Integrated

Each of our BESS products is designed to be modular, scalable, and fully integrated, with a low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) for medium to large-scale projects. They’re made with readily accessible components, N+1 redundancy, and hot-swappable products, ensuring easy onsite servicing and maintenance.


All-Weather Suited

Our BESS systems are all-weather suited, with three different cabinet variations to suit any weather environment. With isolated output and online UPS for grid-connected applications, you have access to clean power 24 hours a day.


Flexible and Versatile

Our BESS systems can be mixed and matched to suit specific project requirements, allowing for ultimate flexibility. Whether you need a small or large-scale system, we’ve got you covered.


Monitoring Software for Easy Management

Our monitoring software allows for remote system configuration and analysis to both increase power security and improve systems management. Our battery energy storage systems are perfect for energy shifting and peak lopping, making them an excellent choice for any renewable energy project.

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