Discover Lithium Batteries AES Rackmount

DPA Solar is pleased to announce a promotion for installers purchasing and installing PowerPlus LiFe4838P batteries. From February 26th to November 30th 2024, eligible installers can receive a $100 rebate per battery when they purchase, install, and register these batteries. Additional information, including data sheets and terms and conditions, can be found below. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and enhance your solar energy system today.

PowerPlus Energy 2024 Installer Terms & Conditions:

– Offer is for $100 AUD exc. GST per LiFe4838P battery only.
– LiFe4838P Batteries must be purchased from PowerPlus Energy or an authorised distribution partner between 26th February 2024 and 31st October 2024.
– Offer valid in Australia only.
– Licensed installers have until the 30th November 2024 to install and register batteries for warranty.
– Valid for licensed installers only.
– Register LiFe4838P batteries for warranty at between 26th February 2024 and 31st October 2024.
– Warranty registrations must include serial numbers for all LiFe4838P batteries installed.

How Do I Claim My Rebate?:

Email with the following before 30th November 2024:
Proof of purchase: Please attach invoice proving purchase of LiFe4838P batteries.
Registration details: Name of the installation site provided in when registering for warranty.
Rebate Invoice: Rebate payment will only be made with an invoice identifying business, ABN and banking details.

PowerPlus Energy LiFe4838P 3.8kWh Rack Mount LiFePO4 Battery Modules:


Confidence is at the core of our product. With a 10-year warranty, we’re demonstrating our commitment to quality and longevity. By minimising intricate BMS Controls, we’ve also reduced the potential points of failure, ensuring your peace of mind.


We’re dedicated to enhancing your user experience by avoiding unnecessary complexity. Rather than overwhelming you with an array of features, we prioritise delivering reliable power that’s straightforward and user-friendly.


Unlike traditional systems that rely on CAN bus cables for inverter communication, ours takes a different path. This allows us to offer both AC and DC coupling. Focusing on voltage control provides flexibility to adapt and modify your systems as needed.

Discover Lithium Batteries AES Rackmount
Discover Lithium Batteries AES Rackmount

15% Increased Capacity

We’ve taken a measured approach by carefully selecting lithium cells with a track record of reliability. Rather than chasing the latest trends, we’ve chosen a deliberate path. Our selection of well-established lithium cells offers both reliability and a 15% capacity boost, ensuring a solution that’s built on a foundation of proven success.

New Self-Managed BMS

LiFe4838P batteries contain our Generation II BMS. A Self-Managed Battery Management System (BMS) is a system that controls and monitors various aspects of battery operation, such as charging, discharging, and temperature control. Self-Managed Batteries reduce the need for user intervention and ensure optimal battery performance.

Advanced Status LED for Diagnosing Easily

Our battery is equipped with an LED light that provides in-depth insights into the battery’s condition and performance. These advanced status indicator lights offer a comprehensive diagnostic toolkit that enables you to monitor and address a wide range of potential scenarios.

AES Rackmount Battery Combiner Module 950-0049