Victron have started transitioning the EasySolar to the new EasySolar-II GX and the first to change is the EasySolar 48/3000. Building on the existing EasySolar, this new model has a number of improved features and significant changes. You can download the Data Sheet

Based on the Multiplus-II design

The EasySolar-II GX 48/3000 is based upon the Multiplus-II, giving the whole unit a more compact and modern design, along with improved standby power efficiency, reduced weight and volume.

Better monitoring and control

The GX suffix indicates that there is a GX device for control and monitoring built-in. A GX device is usually a standalone device such as a Colour Control GX, Venus GX, Octo GX or a CANvu GX – but in this instance it is a new integrated GX device, which is already connected to the internal Multiplus-II and MPPT charge controller.

In addition, there is a small two-line display showing what the unit is doing, and if relevant it can also show a detailed error code – no more counting blinking LEDs!

Connectivity via the following methods:

  • CAN-bus for extra CAN MPPT’s and external battery management systems
  • VRM remote data monitoring portal via Ethernet
  • Built-in WiFi enables ESS functionality.

No more circuit breaker protection

Another change is the internal circuit breaker protection is no longer supplied. You now connect the EasySolar-II GX to your own AC switchboard / fuses or circuit protection – in other words that which is best suited to a particular application and any regional requirements.

Increased input voltage

The internal Smart MPPT has had the input voltage increased from 150V to 250V, giving greater flexibility when choosing solar panel configurations. DPA recommends you factor in an earth fault detection solution if your string voltage is over 120v or as required by local standards. In addition, because the MPPT is Victron Smart, there’s all the usual VictronConnect App functionality people have come to expect from Smart enabled products.

Venus features for internet connectivity

The new Easysolar-II GX 48/3000 has Venus features for internet connectivity, an inbuilt Smart MPPT 250/70 and a small LCD display.

The EasySolar 48/3000 is the first to change and there is no longer stock of the old version. Good news, there is stock in Australia of the new EasySolar-II-GX 48/30000 and there is no price change.  The EasySolar 24/3000 and the others in the range are all still in stock.

In a similar way to the MultiPlus-II 48/3000, the new EasySolar-II GX 48/3000 will have AS4777 & CEC approval for both off grid and on grid applications. The CEC approval is expected sometime in October 2019.

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