Gerard from Assertive Marketing called one of our new customers to see if this was true what people were saying about DPA Solar the Off Grid Specialists.

His name is Guy Dwyer and He’s from The Switch – All Electrical Services on the far South Coast of NSW and had a chat about his business and his dealings with DPA Solar.

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been an electrician for over 20 years, and I have been installing solar for the last 6 years. In that time, I have positioned my business more toward off-grid. Off-Grid is totally different the products are more expensive and are harder to set up. This means you must be more technical and know how things work.

How have your dealings with DPA Solar been?

I have used a few suppliers in the past but once the products are sold it’s very hard to get the backup technical support that is so critical with Off Grid setups. That’s not the case with DPA Solar, I found them genuine in what they do. On my first Victron/lithium system they spent close to 3 hours helping me set up my system and really understand the settings. Any questions they couldn’t answer on the spot they followed up with an email later. On previous installs I spent hours reading the manuals trying to understand settings specific to each product. While I always got there in the end, it was a hard slog and I felt I didn’t have much backup. I still read every manual for each product I use but having a supplier I can call who thoroughly understands their products and can clearly explain the function of each setting is invaluable. Since dealing with DPA my understanding of off-grid, and therefore the quality of my work has increased dramatically. I didn’t get anything close to this level of service and commitment from other equipment suppliers. With DPA you can always get them on the phone.  Between Harley, David and Richard they will help sort out any issues.

What do you mean by genuine?

They believe in what they do. They love the products and really believe in our industry. They are genuine in what they do, they aren’t just selling products. It’s a rarity for people to be genuinely passionate about what they do and what they sell. This passion includes the environment, they really believe what we all do in the Solar industry helps our environment and you can sense that it means a lot to them.

How many off-grid systems have you installed?

A few now in fact 10 in the last year so it has been good. The last three of them I have gone exclusively with DPA Solar. After my first install with them when they sat on the phone with me, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The whole team are really helpful and they all knew their stuff. They have lots of knowledge and passion which makes a real difference.


What’s so different about an off-grid system?

Firstly, the products are more expensive and more technical. The other thing is when you do on-grid the electricity will work even if the solar system is not fully set up right. This is not good I know but at least the customer still gets power. It’s just a shock when their electricity bill comes in. But when an off-grid system doesn’t work you know about it immediately. There is no power! There is no room for being half-assed, you will get caught out. That’s why it’s so good to have a supplier who is there when you need them. I’ve learned a lot from DPA Solar and now can do most of my installs without a hitch and far quicker. I have DPA Solar to thank for that.

What is important to you when choosing a supplier?

I’m genuinely environmentally driven and customer value-focused. For me it’s not just fluffy marketing jargon to get sales, I mean it. When I sense someone has those same drives, it makes me want to work with them. I also want the right customers for my business. Customers that understand quality and getting things right are important. If I want that kind of customer, I have to deliver that level of service. To do this consistently, I need a supplier whose values align with my own and my customers. When you have that alignment of values, money is far less important. DPA is competitively priced but that isn’t my driver for using them. Upfront cost and Value aren’t the same thing, it’s what you get for the price that matters. With DPA solar its top-quality products with a reliable service, and that’s the real value. I will use DPA solar every time and recommend them to anyone.


So, speak with DPA about how they can help you set up or expand your off grid business. Make sure you’re on their map so they can direct you home owner leads.