Victron Ekrano GX - BPP900480100

At the forefront of the latest photovoltaic technology, WINAICO has embraced bifacial glass-glass panels, which offer an improved temperature co-efficient, perfect for Australia’s hot clients. This new technology has improved the temperature coefficient by up to 15% over PERC panels. An anti-reflective coating and degradation-free technologies increase the cells’ efficiency and ensure long-term reliability.

Maximise rooftop energy production with this high-efficiency N-Type panel. These panels absorb more light for increased power generation. With no polymer backing sheet these panels truly go the distance. Additionally, N-type topcon solar cells come with PID-free and LID-free attributes and are less sensitive to temperature variations, making them a good choice for use in hot climates.

High Efficiency Bi-Facial Solar Cells:
The high efficiency of N-type topcon solar cells is due to their unique design, which reduces recombination losses and increases the amount of light that is absorbed by the cell.

Up to 30-year Warranty & 2 years System Insurance:
Peace of Mind is guaranteed with the greatest solar module protection in Australia. The 25 or 30-Year Product and Performance Warranty is the legal assurance that your panels will perform for their lifetime on your home or business.

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